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Passover 2010

Interesting times, indeed! As many of you may know, the Temple Institute has been working over the past many years to make the Temple furnishings, priestly garments, etc. Recently, using stones gathered from the Dead Sea, they have constructed an altar, to scale of the altar in Herod’s Temple, for the Korban Pesach, or Passover Offering.  

The nascent Sanhedrin, housed in Jerusalem,  has called for all Jews to make it to Jerusalem this year for the Pesach offering. If you study the Tanach you will be aware of the effect on the people of Israel when the Passover offering is reinstituted after a long absence: REVIVAL!  Think of Ezra/Nehemiah(Ezra 6), or Hezekiah(2 Chron 30ff) or Josiah(2Chron 35).  

The last question the disciples asked Yeshua before he left them in Acts 1 is this question: Will you at this time restore again the Kingdom to Israel?~ Acts 1:8  They had spent the last 40 days learning from him about the Kingdom! 

No one can question the fact that the disciples were rushing things a bit: first, they had to populate the kingdom,  Yeshua’s answer to them: Not yet!  Go into all the world and bring em in!   

However, I do believe it is now time for that Kingdom to come on earth, even as it is in the heavenlies. The resumption of the Korban Pesach is HUGE, just HUGE. And by and large, this event is unnoticed by the world at large. All the better, IMO! Once PETA hears about this, they will start squealing like stuck pigs (pardon the obvious). 

However, court precedent may be on the side of the Jews this time. Last year, in preparation for the bringing of the Korban Pesach, the Temple Institute sponsored a *practice run* sacrifice, open to the public. PETA did scream and immediately got a court order to stop the sacrifice. However, the judge in the case in Jerusalem said there was not a thing wrong with animal sacrifice, that it was indeed much kinder and gentler than occurred daily in a butcher shop and allowed the rehearsal to go ahead.  

This is the most astounding thing to occur in this new decade: in fact, the restoration of the Korban Pesach will probably be the most important event of the last 1900 years! I will post a few links in the Blogroll section of the blog, please be sure to check them out. And it would be a wonderful thing if you got involved with the Temple Institute. Maybe some Korban would be a good idea from you! 

One caveat: there is a chance the Israeli government will step in and try to stop the Korban Pesach this year. We can pray that they don’t do that, but be advised that there is a very good chance that they will intervene in order to not rouse the arabs in their midst. 

Please, pray for the peace of Jerusalem! 





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